Anatomy of a composite image.

The Rail-yards of Albuquerque are of great historical significance for the City of Albuquerque. The remaining buildings are part of a significant renovation project that may take years to finish.

  • This is the cover image for Western and English.
  • The car is a vintage collectible Firebird provided by Todd Hill. Todd purchased this muscle car as a high school student in the 70's. Todd was a popular young man.
  • The car and the train were taken together at the railyards in downtown Albuquerque.
  • The models were photographed separately in my studio.
  • The dog's name is Binky and available for modeling.


The background shot.


e drove down to the rail-yards on a Saturday morning. This image is a simple horizontal rendering of the car with Todd climbing the railcar in the background. I thought I could use him in the background for a double truck, but the requirements for the cover made him unusable.

we car composite

 The Model Shots


he models were photographed several days later in our studio. 

we cover composite


girls simply acted like they were on a Rt 66 journey and got lost in Albuquerque, stopping to look at their map.


The final compiled images required masking the models, using Photoshop to layer the girl's pictures over the car then blending the images in Photoshop for the final composite.

we cover s7p

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