I feel like I'm cheating the photography world - I have limited, expensive, custom produced equipment and tools for this style, that was manufactured in the early 90's. This style did not flourish because of the high demands of production time and materials... Only companies with extremely high budgets (such as Harley Davidson) used this luscious style. So, the manufacturers of the equipment disappeared; not available today.

For example, if the photographer was shooting an 8x10 camera, using polaroid for proofing and 8x10 film, the materials alone might have run over a thousand dollars for a shot. Today's digital technology allows for less production time, more repeatable results and post production editing. There are photoshop "heroes" who ape this style in photoshop, but they will never capture the depth that real "light painting" offers. As well, there are always the no-budget photographers who are using their little pocket penlights for this style, but these are the poseurs and fakers. 

One thing that is interesting is the phenomenon of hating or loving this look. Painters hate it because they always feel photography is a lesser art form and this is a painterly approach. Realist photographers hate it because it alters what is before the camera. Its "gotta be real" they say. But there is nothing about a photographic image that is real, especially on the internet. The lovers of this look may be the art museum patron who feels at home with a renaissance looking image. Whatever your preference or style, this will grab your attention.

Panoramic 360° Virtual Tours, 360° "Product Spins".

360° Virtual Tours, Indoors or outdoor areas. 360° Product Spins are used for streamlined display of website products.

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